Terms & Conditions


If you are here, reading the tiny, tiny, print of this website, congratulations on being such a stickler for the details. You are a nerd after our own hearts.

The basic rules of using this website are the following:

1. You're cool with us collecting Google Analytics data about you, like almost every other website on the planet does. You consent to Google's terms and conditions for data collection. If you don't, have a great day - you can't use this website.

2. If you give us your email through our email form, you do this with the understanding we have not in fact rolled our own email management solution and are using the services of MailChimp to securely store your email address and contact you in the future. You can unsubscribe at any time. You agree to MailChimp's terms and conditions. If you don't agree, do not give us your email!

3. If we ever enable comments on a blog on this website, you agree to be the lovely, funny, kind person we know you must be, and agree to swallow any grumpy, mean comments instead of posting them. Know we will hell ban you if you turn out to be a nasty, harassing stalker - because as a woman in tech, Mrs. Mouthy has already hit her lifetime maximum quota on creepiness from men. That said, we love feedback, helpful tips and general nerdiness, so go on and show us your great geek self. 

4. You may not data scrape our website for any reason. We retain copyright in all writing on this website. If you would like to republish anything, please get in touch.

5. You may not reuse our graphics. Our graphics are licensed and we respect the terms of the creators of our images. 

6. You will not attempt to takeover, access, DDOS, or otherwise impede access to the administrator account for this website or any of its supporting service accounts.

The basic terms of using our skills on Amazon's Alexa service and actions on Google Home are:

1. You agree to follow all of Amazon's terms and conditions for using skills on Alexa.  You agree to follow all of Google's terms and conditions for using actions on Google Home and the Google Assistant. We have read them and are making our best efforts to comply with all of those terms. You should too.

2. If you enabled one of our children's skills available on Amazon Alexa or as a Google Action, it is with our explicit expectation you are over 13 years of age. If you aren't an adult, and didn't get Mom, Dad, grandma, grandpa, your aunt, uncle, babysitter or other caregiver's permission first, and somehow snuck access to their phone to enable the skill, you don't have our permission to use the skill either! And we tell you very sternly you must disable the skill and go ask an adult for permission to re-enable it. As we are but humble indie developers who do not wish to run afoul of COPPA (big, scary federal legislation), we need you to play nice and follow Amazon's and Google's rules on kids' access to skills and actions. 

3. We aren't collecting any personally identifiable information about children in our skills either, because we aren't creepy and we are deeply afraid of COPPA violations. 

4. The only data available to Mouthy about your usage of skllls is what Amazon provides to us on what features are being used in the skill. This is the same generic data available to other developers on the platform. To be super clear, we don't get access to your voice recordings, ever. Nor do we want access, ever. If you are using our skills, it is with the explicit consent to us receiving aggregate usage data from Amazon and Google. If you do not like this, do not use our skills or actions. 

5. We also use some reporting from a company called Dashbot, but they just take the same Amazon information and repackage it a little bit differently in some fun data visualizations so we can understand which features you like to use each time you use our skills. This helps us understand how you use our skills so we can make more and better features. You agree to Dashbot's terms and conditions in your usage of our skills. If you don't agree, do not enable our skills!

6. If for some reason you think it would be a good idea to sue an indie developer with no money, you waive the right to sue us, whether individually or in a class action lawsuit. You will not organize a class action lawsuit against us. For whatever beef you have with us, you agree to mediation to solve the issue, with a mediator of Mouthy.com's choosing, in the state of California. Again, if you don't agree to this, you can't use our skills.

7. You will not attempt to hack, gain access or unauthorized entry to, takeover or control of any of our Amazon accounts that hold our skill data, licensed images or licensed audio. Additionally, you will not attempt to alter, copy, distribute, resell or remove any content, deny access, DDOS or otherwise impede customer usage of our content.

8. You will not data scrape or duplicate our skills on Alexa or our actions on Google.

9. You will not register any trademark of our skill and product names.

10. You will not make any false claims of contribution to our skill development.

11. Our terms and conditions may change in the future, and you agree to come back periodically to check for revisions to our policies to ensure you still agree to our terms of use. You acknowledge it is entirely likely this temporary policy will be replaced with a fully-paid-for, professional and more all-encompassing terms and conditions written by a lawyer who has passed the bar in the state of California - and you will likely want to read it.

Thanks for being thorough and reading until the very, very end. We hope we have addressed all your concerns and strive to keep our tiny clutch of customers happy.

Version 2, published March 27, 2018