Privacy Policy


We are supposed to say something very important and long-winded about your privacy and our thoughts on privacy here. That would require legal. If we ever make any money, then yes, we will plow it into legal services. Eventually, we will get there.

For now, know this: other than generic Google Analytics code you see everywhere, we don't collect any other data about you when you visit this website.

If you gave us your email address of your own volition, we'll take it and store it securely in MailChimp. We are not combining your email address with other databases of consumer information. We will notice, in aggregate (not the individual level) if you open any email we send you, and be eternally charmed and grateful you thought us worthy of reading in your day. 

If you enabled one of our children's skills available on Amazon Alexa or one of our actions on Google Home, it is with our explicit expectation you are over 13 years of age. If you aren't an adult, and didn't get Mom, Dad, grandma, grandpa, your aunt, uncle, babysitter or other caregiver's permission first, and somehow snuck access to their phone to enable the skill, you don't have our permission to use the skill either! And we tell you very sternly you must disable the skill and go ask an adult for permission to re-enable it. As we are but humble indie developers who do not wish to run afoul of COPPA (big, scary federal legislation), we need you to play nice and follow Amazon's and/or Google's rules on kids' access to skills.

We aren't collecting any personally identifiable information about children in our skills either, because we aren't creepy. The only data available to Mouthy is what Amazon and Google provides to us on what features are being used in the skills and actions. We also use some reporting from a company called Dashbot, but they just take the same Amazon information and repackage it a little bit differently so we can understand which features you like to use each time you use our skills. Again, we do not collect personally identifiable information about children!

Also, to be super clear, we do not sell your personally identifiable data to data brokers. We also do not buy access to data collected by third-party data brokers and attempt to combine it with data we have about your usage of our products, because we think that is a gross invasion of privacy. We do, however, use third party analytics solutions to help us the data we do have to understand what you like about our products - so we can build better products.

You agree to come back here periodically to check if our privacy policy has been updated, to see if you still agree and comply with our privacy policy. If you disagree, you will stop using our website and/or skills. You acknowledge it is entirely likely this temporary privacy policy will be replaced with a fully-paid-for, professional and more all-encompassing privacy policy written by a lawyer who has passed the bar in the state of California - and you will likely want to read it.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the tiny print! You must have really good eyes. 

Version 1, published January 10, 2018