AlphabetPOP takes a silly approach to the three fundamental pre-reading steps for children: alphabetic letter naming, phonemic awareness and letterform identification. Whether it is simply singing the alphabet, matching sounds to letters or learning the alphabet, letter-by-letter, this voice-driven skill hides its educational aims under a layer of fun. AlphabetPOP is a gentle introduction to school readiness.

* Features special visual content for Echo Show and Echo Spot. *


The Alphabet Song - More Ways than One

Kids learn best by repetition, so we have included the classic alphabet song in multiple licensed audio clips, featuring children and adults. If the individual child prefers the classic Alexa voice, we have made the alphabet silly, using SSML so there are many fun ways to practice the alphabetic sequence.


Letter Sounds

Using a game format, AlphabetPOP quizzes kids on their ability to match basic phonemes to their most common letter companions. For multi-modal devices, the quiz displays a mystery question mark for each question and the letter card for the answer.


Letter Practice and Letterform Recognition

For children who want to push their memory recall, AlphabetPOP can engage in a call and response version of the alphabet to test their knowledge. For multi-modal devices, this feature in the skill displays individual letter cards to aid in memory recall.